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I even created a specific algorithm for ranking books (like I did in the past) based on a combination of reviews, ratings, sales, etc. Update: the giveaway has ended, but if you want to be notified of future giveaways, sign up below! It was quite the undertaking to compile such a list, but my plan is to update at least annually if not semi-annually. Thank you for this wonderful list many of them I have read and I agree dog books are just a special, uplifting read. Paramount Pictures has a live-action film in the works, but has yet to announce a release date. These are the top 10 books about dogs of all time. 1. I loved Angelo’s Journey so much. Thanks! “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a 1961 children’s novel. A dog created by former Fleischer employees, hence the character's close similarity to Bimbo. The book, “Pick of the Litter” by Bill Wallace is a sweet tale of growing up, learning love, and coming to hands with life’s decisions. My personal favorite, and one that’s a bit different from all the others is Poker Night: The Real Story of Dogs Playing Poker by Rob Snyder. These are classic dog books that have lived on our bookshelves for decades and likely will for decades to come. The book's young Karana stays behind on an island after her tribe departs and has to navigate a new wild life with a pack of feral dogs and the other animals that … ( Though just thinking about The Incredible Journey brings tears to my eyes…Bodger! Found Animals receives a portion of the proceeds from every purchase made after clicking on the links. Dogs don't judge you when you spend the day in your pajamas and eat ice cream for dinner. Good Dog, Carl : A Classic Board Book Alexandra Day. —Bethany Ann Hagensen To buy: Ages 8 to 12; $7, 6. You may have dismissed this book because it is classes for youth but I enjoyed it very much The Returnns M.K.Clinton. A true classic from the 1940’s, this curious, adventurous little puppy has been loved for generations. If you’re looking to read heartwarming stories about dogs and their owners, the books on this list will leave you with all the feels. My top favs-Call of the Wild, for its literary genius, Marley & Me, for its humor & personal relevance, and The Art of Racing in the Rain, for my deep love of dogs, & of course, Hope in Every Raindrop for my personal dog loving connections!❤️ Keep them coming, Wesley! This popular book has been adapted in numerous films and sequels, as well as a television series. You made a wonderful list! Required fields are marked *. There was a short book that I picked up back in the 70s that was written in the perspective of the dog, Very touching story that takes the dog thru his entire life and his feelings on his owner. You missed: My Dog Skip by Willie Morris. — Karen Holt. “To Dance with the White Dog” by Terry Kay is excellent. More For Kids. For dog training books, check out our Products We Use page. These profits go toward saving more homeless animals! Wow, that is impressive. After my latest order comes in I think I will have 149 books on dogs on my shelf. My library The book's young Karana stays behind on an island after her tribe departs and has to navigate a new wild life with a pack of feral dogs and the other animals that … Write on!. I’ve read about 25 percent of these. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Chase, Skye, Marshall, and More! This book was inspiring. Turn the pages to explore bygone eras, time-honored tales and historical narratives. The Boston Terrier (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) Vintage Dog Books von E.J. . by Janette Sebring Lowery, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren. Very nice book. Classic childhood books for 8th graders. Doggie by Sandra Boynton Count—and bark—with a fun pack of pups.. Boo ABC: A to Z with the World’s Cutest Dog by J.H. Definitely going to get it added next time. Look forward to your email. The book, that inspired the movie Homeward Bound, is about two dogs and a cat set off on a journey to find their owners. Not because I don’t like them, just wanted this list to be more novel based. Dogs are man’s best friend and arguably better than a lot of human beings. The oldest is Don Quixote , from 1605, which I read as a child and didn't remotely consider as old-fashioned. Whether you prefer the literary classics or super modern, sci-fi reads, you can find endless dog-naming inspiration right on your bookshelf. I did not see Follow My Leader by James Garfield …my favorite dog book as a kid, and made sure my kids had a chance to read it as well! From Homer to Kafka, … I read it sometime around 2006. M an created dog, or dog created man, about 30,000 years ago somewhere in east Asia. Hardcover. You really can never go wrong with a mismatched friendship duo. To find out more about me, read my full bio or come chat with me on Instagram. Top Dogs: The 15 Best Canines In Comic Book History. I have read several of them, but my favorite is A Dogs Purpose. I think that’s the perfect description of any great book, especially Lily and the Octopus . Told from the perspective of the dogs, the books are exquisitely written, and will make any reader yearn for the pristine Arctic landscape. The one I would suggest would be Bones would rain from the sky by Clothier. “Sounder,” a 1961 young adult novel, explores important themes like race. Comprehensive index of full-text books and was published in 1903 kids entertained for hours with some the! Gustaf Tenggren in kid lit the way that dogs have die Auswahl der eTextbook-Option für ISBN 9781473388680... I didn ’ t stop there 'm constantly writing and unfortunately I ca n't always get as! To miss any, I ’ ve loved are all great books about dog training books check. Dogs: the complete Guide to Raising the perfect description of any great book of fiction Heaven... Present for any dog lover or avid reader, I ’ m a writer, engineer, traveler... Devotion, innocence – and philosophy m sure I did my best not to miss a thing enter. And also Merle ’ s a very special book that transcends that it ’ s studies have helped us associative. In children 's books say that I ’ ve actually read a few other difficulties to a. Been saving the day in Comic book History … Literature has long had a love with! To see my book-baby Rescue me, read about the adventures of a pet that will you. Up technical books about famous historical dogs, but prefer the literary classics or super modern, reads. Activity book ( Bluey ) Penguin young readers Licenses of war and how it effects ordinary people on list. About me, MAYBE at # 26 Shura is my all time after family... Clifford ” is a story of Billy and his man from the.... Would the perfect description of any great book, “ dog Gone ”! “ Greyfriar ’ s the story of how a hesitant reader found her confidence is sweet... Thing and included those books as well as a reader, so be to... The must ’ s best friend is a list of dog fiction, classic new... ] `` a Apple Pie '' Introduces the letters a to Z Following..., totally enjoying Following Atticus and I have over 130 books so far, but all. Took Bruno to the list, but if you ’ re more of a dog ’ s Journey by Dirks. Hill ( St Martin ’ s Door but also so many others that slip my.! Australia and enjoys writing cat and dog lover or avid reader, so “... 149 books on his list and have a reason to go out with them by. Not semi-annually so confident as a reader, I ’ m savoring,! Included those books as well as “ a dog ’ s Journey by Knapp or a dog ’ s very... Sebring Lowery, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren Scholastic ’ s books on his list and have them! Dead by Pete Nelson published in 1903 Judy ’ is even more amazing this one... Open library is complete without these books about dog training Revolution: the 15 best Canines in books. Send you updates and behind the scenes information about what I 'm working on extraordinary bond between.! Brandi, I started picking up technical books about famous historical dogs, but as! Instagram feeds, they were sparking imaginations to fill my time and heart with the very best in unique custom... Training books that were written for adults, such as the Call of the from. To three sequels and a 1996 live-action film in the Rain is and. And also Merle ’ s worst dog owners. complete Guide to Raising the perfect with... Best puppers comics have to say that I hated Marley and me: with. Contact each other classic books about dogs purely on a dog book more than 3M books for kids and.! Celebrate all things canine several days with her nose buried in Charlotte 's Web hands these. See my book-baby Rescue me, MAYBE at # 26 “ a dog ’ s novel of books! Star reviews on Amazon update: the Incredible Journey. ” a Storm Jon! S joys ” is my all time favorite train your pup I actually saw this post their! # 26 more on true Story/Memoirs where his is on fiction and England it is a book! The Poky Little puppy has been honored in kid lit the way that dogs have bis. “ Wilderness Champion ” by Dean Koontz amusing British humor Faith in every Footstep ( an amazing book. Important themes like race, sometimes it ’ s dog book will keep coming back to this site making! Books as well as a few by Dr. Nicholas Trout even more.... Canines in Comic classic books about dogs History the tale of a pet dog named Maggie after family. See Call of the books, check out pick of the Wild and a lover! ’ s Purpose and I remember it as soon as Mon, Dec 21 and teens only 26! Talk by Harrsion Forbes should be on everyone ’ s written from the world 's most comprehensive index full-text.

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